Sunday, 1 January 2017

A new year

It started with snivels and snotty noses, my 2017, although I didn't want this to be the focal point of the first day of the year on the island of Mallorca.

My horse had acupuncture and some opium homeopathic treatment to chill her out, she yawned a big fat yawn or two and retired to her garba, munching away happily as though the last few days never happened. The relief was beautiful for both her and me.

We made a picnic and drove away from the sick house to the intensely beautiful Cap de Formentor. The sun was warm on our cheeks although the wind a little chilly. The jagged mountain edges, the thrilling roads, the navy blue sea dotted with turquoise calas and the pine forests with their native mountain goats made this day the perfect start to the New Year.

Only to be topped by a sighting of four dolphins, frolicking around the bay of the lighthouse, swimming in the direction of Menorca. Such freedom, peace, health and beauty  - a sign of good things to come.

Happiest of New Years everyone!

Those are dolphins, I promise you

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