Pic of the day

22nd April 2019

Three for tea

21st April 2019

Cosy restaurants

20th April 2019

A week of storms

19th April 2019


18th April 2019

Easter in Palma

17th April 2019


16th April 2019

Slob life!

15th April 2019

Spring hacks

14th April 2019


13th April 2019

Calvia Sheep and Goat festival

12th April 2019

Mouse gets a massage

11th April 2019

My special girl

10th April 2019


Spot's date

9th April 2019

Easter concert

8th April 2019

Mum comes to stay
7th April 2019

Pony love

6th April 2019

Showjumping is Es Pas

5th April 2019


4th April 2019

Spot escapes

3rd April 2019

Stairway to heaven

2nd April 2019

Ava rides Mouse

1st April 2019

Podjito and Poppy

31st March 2019

Roly poly Humph

30th March 2019

Chilled out weekends

29th March 2019

Roxy's, Portals

28th March 2019

Loving my new camera phone - he's soooo handsome

27th March 2019

Roly poly Spot
26th March 2019

On the mountain with Mouse

25th March 2019

Tortoises everywhere at the moment

24th March 2019

The dream team

23rd March 2019


22nd March 2019

So beautiful

21st March 2019

5 for breakfast

20th March 2019

After school mud

19th March 2019

4 kids in the back of the poo-mobile

18th March 2019

Rain at last - the duck return

17th March 2019

Sunday hacks

16th March 2019

First BBQ of the season

15th March 2019

Hot Nana

14th March 2019


13th March 2019


12th March 2019

Claire and Mouse

11th March 2019

This girl

10th March 2019

Lessons with Rob

9th March 2019

Out out in London - one night only

8th March 2019

After school rides

7th March 2019

A very dead snake

6th March 2019

World Book day  - Mrs Twit

5th March 2019

Morning cuddles

4th March 2019

Jazzy-cat , pschyo-cat

3rd March 2019

Sunday lunch

2nd March 2019


1st March 2019

The med, my love

28th February 2019

A rare day on the green stuff

27th February 2019

Spot chats to the pigs

26th February 2019

Ava rides Kira

25th February 2019

Walks with Nana and Goose, Mouse and Humph

24th February 2019

Porto Cristo

23rd February 2019

Poppy swam in the sea, shoulders and all

22nd February 2019

Insane sunny February

21st February 2019

Oh Spot - the most photographed pony in the world

20th February 2019

Down time

19th February 2019

Brave, barefoot, bareback and bitless!

18th February 2019

Monday morning on Mouse

17th February 2019

Glorious mountain walks

16th February 2019

Most loved pony in Mallorca

15th February 2019

Free range ponies and kids

14th February 2019

Enjoying the (fake) grass

13th February 2019

Oh the almond blossom and sunny days

12th February 2019

Insanely beautiful February

11th February 2019

Kira and the almond blossom

10th February 2019

Sunday lunch in C'an Torrat

9th February 2019

Family day

8th February 2019

Happy 13th Birthday Ava

7th February 2019


6th February 2019

Hello Ibiza

5th February 2019

After-school fun

4th February 2019

Mouse on his mountain

3rd February 2019

Learning to lunge

2nd February 2019

Lunch with a view

1st February 2019

Spot rocks the rainbow

31st January 2019


30th January 2019

The dentist visits

29th January 2019

Rainbows at the yard

28th January 2019

Resumed positions

27th January 2019

Up the mountains

26th January 2019

Spot, Humph and Mouse share naughty tips

25th January 2019

A week of illness begins

24th January 2019

Oh Spot

23rd January 2019

Another day

22nd January 2019

Good morning Cleo

21st January 2019

Rainbow at Mofares

20th January 2019

Blessings from the priest on Sant Antoni

19th January 2019

Besties and Podgito

18th January 2019

The beginnings of the almond blossom

17th January 2019

6 for dinner and counting!

16th January 2019

5 for dinner

15th January 2019

Charlie chicken, rescued from Magaluf

14th January 2019

Oh Spot

13th January 2019

Flip Flops

12th January 2019

Shiny, happy ponio

11th January 2019

Lunchtime siesta

10th January 2019

Good morning Spot

9th January 2019

Lunchtime dog walks

8th January 2019

Sunny selfies with my girl

7th January 2019

Bitless, happy and ever-so slightly out of control!

6th January 2019

Family hack on The Three Kings Day

5th January 2019

Owning it on the eve of The Three KIngs

4th January 2019

Back to ponies and sun

3rd January 2019


2nd January 2019

Incredible drive back to Barcelona

1st January 2019


31st December 2018

Happy New Year

30th December 2018

Apres ski kiddie style

29th December 2018

Sunny snow

28th December 2018

Skiing again

27th December 2018

On the road to Andorra

26th December 2018

Boxing day walks

25th December 2018

A very merry Mallorcan sunny Christmas

24th December 2018

Christmas Eve with Horatio

23rd December 2018

Lunch until sunset at Mar y Mar

22nd December 2018

Christmas hacking

21st December 2018

Grinchy Spot

20th December 2018

George and his chicken

19th December 2018

Christmas Pilates

18th December 2018

Sunny cat

17th December 2018

Winter sunsets
16th December 2018


15th December 2018

Walk to Galilea

14th December 2018

Palma by night

13th December 2018

Christmas jumpers

12th December 2018

Dirty boy

11th December 2018

Back to sun thank you very much

10th December 2018

Friends reunited

9th December 2018

Lunch in Sussex

8th December 2018

Cocktails in Soho

7th December 2018

Chris-mas pea head

6th December 2018

End of the day

5th December 2018

Calvia Christmas Fair

4th December 2018

Lunch by the pool

3rd December 2018

Teegy cuddles before school

2nd December 2018

Snow in the sun at Santa Ponsa Christmas fair

1st December 2018

Feeding carp at the garden centre

30th November 2018

Preparing for December

29th November 2018

Morning rides with Mouse

28th November 2018

Winter sun, at last

27th November 2018

Throwback to the Queens jubilee, Stonegate, UK

26th November 2018

Watching the lambs

25th November 2018


24th November 2018

The beginning of Christmas in the Plaza Mayor

23rd November 2018

Ava and her bestie

22nd November 2018

Mountain hikes with Mouse and Goose

21st November 2018

More rain

20th November 2018

Back out on my girl

19th November 2018


18th November 2018

Poppy at Palma Aquarium

17th November 2018

Mum on Exmoor

16th November 2018

Meanwhile, Poppy and friends at a fairy book launch

15th November 2018

Dark at 4 in the UK

14th November 2018

Walks on the mountain

13th November 2018

Peguera in winter

12th November 2018

Rescuing jellyfish

11th November 2018

Sunday funday

10th November 2018

Good morning Mallorca

9th November 2018

Oh Humph!

8th November 2018

Taken under the wing

7th November 2018

Funny book Spot?

6th November 2018


5th November 2018

Amazing new views of friends

4th November 2018

Chris and a chihuaha

3rd November 2018

Art in the street

2nd November 2018

Palma girls

1st November 2018

Es Baulard Modern Art Museum

31st October 2018

Carving home-grown pumpkins

30th October 2018

Clio the Welsh/Mallorquin Mountain pony

29th October 2018

Chicks at Mofares

28th October 2018

Getting frrrrrreeeeeezing

27th October 2018

Spot gets halloweend

26th October 2018

Halloween dress up day

25th October 2018

Halloween Disco

24th October 2018

What we doing today Mum?

23rd October 2018

Mouse is so good at sharing his breakfast

22nd October 2018

Gooooo Spotty!

21st October 2018

Receiving a medal

20th October 2018

Spot and friends

19th October 2018

Got a little wet practising for the competition

18th October 2018

Goose brings me hedgehogs

17th October 2018

Greek myth assembly

16th October 2018

This girl makes me so happy

15th October 2018


14th October 2018

The not-so-vegan Ca'n Torrat

13th October 2018

A vegan day out at Eden Sanctuary

12th October 2018

Back to sun

11th October 2018

Early morning in Son Font

10th October 2018

Spot's new bed

9th October 2018

Hiding from the outside world

8th October 2018

Strange skies before the rains

7th October 2018

Moody in Maga πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

6th October 2018

Sunset at El Toro

5th October 2018

Sunny evenings

4th October 2018

In the pueblo

3rd October 2018

Cookie monster

2nd October 2018

Beautiful balcony

1st October 2018

Peanut is tame!

30th September 2018

Watching Ava's friend compete

29th September 2018

Lazer quest party

28th September 2018

Chicken shack Fridays

27th September 2018

Caught, under a fig tree!

26th September 2018

Llao llao, Palmanova

25th September 2018

Blue skies, nothing but blue skies

24th September 2018

Paella in Portals Vells

23rd September 2018

In the med with diamonds

22nd September 2018

14th wedding anniversary weekend

21st September 2018

We have two springs here in Mallorca

20th September 2018

Such a sociable guy!

19th September 2018


18th September 2018

Best friends and a dog

17th September 2018

Not amused to have been left out in a storm

16th September 2018


15th September 2018

My friends father (middle)

14th September 2018

Watching the rains approach

13th September 2018

Reading with cats

12th September 2018

After school hacks

11th September 2018

Dracula cat

10th September 2018


9th September 2018

The rains came and everything flowers

8th September 2018

More abandoned kittens

7th September 2018

And Poppy rides again - although he was a little bugger today!

6th September 2018

After-school bare back

5th September 2018

Lovely Calvia
4th September 2018

She may be crazy - but she is mine

3rd September 2018

Enjoying it

2nd September 2018

Poppy comes hacking

1st September 2018


31st August 2018


30th August 2018

Frutti di Mari in Banyalbufar

29th August 2018

Paddle boarding with Auntie

28th August 2018

Finally got here!

27th August 2018

Nikki Beach

26th August 2018

Puro Beach

25th August 2018

Amazing boat day

24th August 2018


23rd August 2018

Charlotte arrives

22nd August 2018

Missed this girl so much

21st August 2018

Flying home

20th August 2018

Three generations

19th August 2018

Somerset with Granny Dog

18th August 2018

Just incredible

17th August 2018

Country walks in the green

16th August 2018

Chips and curry sauce

15th August 2018


14th August 2018

Michael B

13th August 2018

Snoozy Humph

12th August 2018


Birthday BBQ cuddles

11th August 2018

Surprise birthday treat

10th August 2018

Pizza night on the beach

9th August 2018

Mama daughter rides

8th August 2018

New numnah

7th August 2018

Tomato cooking

6th August 2018

Plaiting Clio

5th August 2018


4th August 2018

Beach nights

3rd August 2018

Paddle boarding at sunset

2nd August 2018

Scary good tat

1st August 2018

Too much cuteness

31st July 2018

Late nights

30th July 2018

Meeting Sky

29th July 2018

Flip Flops

28th July 2018

Night out in Magaluf

27th July 2018

Bareback pony love

26th July 2018

Cat loves the fan

25th July 2018

Party floss

24th July 2018

Me and my girl!

23rd July 2018

Our mega pumpkin plant
22nd July 2018

BBQ Sundays

21st July 2018

Dimonis in Calvia village

20th July 2018

Spot joins in a lesson at Son Malero

19th July 2018

Daddy's girls

18th July 2018


17th July 2018

Good morning gorgeous boy

16th July 2018

Describes their personalities perfectly

15th July 2018

Happy 10th birthday little P

14th July 2018

Chicken shack nights

13th July 2018

Poppy's 10th party - water park, pizza and karaoke

12th July 2018

Spot sharing the love

11th July 2018

Paddle boarding fun

10th July 2018

We took the horses to the pub!

9th July 2018

Daddy love

8th July 2018

Beach evening

7th July 2018

Where's my sausage?

6th July 2018

BBQ days

5th July 2018

Pirate antics

4th July 2018

Breakfast in Mercadona

3rd July 2018

Quick dip

2nd July 2018


1st July 2018

Mahres Sea Club (without the kids)

30th June 2018

Jumping into the summer holidays

29th June 2018

Last day of school

28th June 2018

New hat

27th June 2018

Goose loves to catch tortoises (never hurts them)

26th June 2018

Poppy's school production, a Queen tribute

25th June 2018

Ava goes to Valencia

24th June 2018

Sleepover breakfast

23rd June 2018

San Juan

22nd June 2018

Poppy visits Barcelona football stadium

21st June 2018

Spot's turn for a bath

20th June 2018

All clean after her bath

19th June 2018


18th June 2018


17th June 2018

The Hoff

16th June 2018

Summer afternoons up the tower

15th June 2018

Friday nights at the Chicken Shack

14th June 2018

After school beach trips

13th June 2018

Water park at last

12th June 2018

Patas de pulpo

11th June 2018

Goodbye Ibiza - large, messy and wonderfully inspirational again

10th June 2018

Seaweed walks

9th June 2018

Lunch under the trees

8th June 2018


7th June 2018

New friends

6th June 2018

Way too excited for this

5th June 2018

These two
4th June 2018

The swallows leave their nest and get ready to fly

3rd June 2018

2nd June 2018

Jungle Park

1st June 2018


31st May 2018


30th May 2018

Little P

29th May 2018

Last of the evening sun

28th May 2018

Fun BBQ reunion

27th May 2018

Chopin's garden, Valldemossa

26th May 2018

Poppy seed scattering

25th May 2018

Just love a Spanish tile

24th May 2018

Oh Spot
23rd May 2018

Dog walking at the refuge - Perdut and Roy

22nd May 2018

Homework at the yard

21st May 2018

Sea of lantana
20th May 2018

Breakfast in Santa Catalina

19th May 2018

Out out in Palma

18th May 2018

Fish n chips Friday

17th May 2018


16th May 2018


15th May 2018

Pensive back shots

14th May 2018

Buried with uttermost dignity on the mountain, amongst the carobs, the wild olives, the tortoises and the sea breezes - gallop free Poppy, amongst love

13th May 2018

Poppy - RIP

12th May 2018

Lateness with friends of old, not old friends

11th May 2018

Intergalactic air stewardesses

10th May 2018

Podge gets a cuddle before school

9th May 2018

Perdut and Luna - walking the dogs at the refuge

8th May 2018

Routine sleep

7th May 2018

Cucumber eyes

6th May 2018

Spot being a true pony angel

5th May 2018

Watching Badminton horse trials

4th May 2018


3rd May 2018

Thirsty Podge

2nd May 2018

Mouse can see the sea

1st May 2018

An afternoon in Sant Elm

30th April 2018

Walk to Galilea

29th April 2018

Cala Figuera

28th April 2018

Hikes with Mum

27th April 2018

Snogging Humph

26th April 2018

Hermione Granger

25th April 2018

Hanging out

24th April 2018

The Dream-team

23rd April 2018

BBQ dinners

22nd April 2018

Pool days begin
21st April 2018

Birthday in Porreres

20th April 2018

Beach Fridays

19th April 2018


18th April 2018

Dog walking at SOS Calvia refuge

17th April 2018

Heavenly hacks

16th April 2018

So innocent amongst the flowers

15th April 2018

Two can toucan

14th April 2018

Spot escapes to the greenest part of the farm!

13th April 2018

A few days of cold and rain

12th April 2018

Spot giving smiles again

11th April 2018

Found in a bin in a plastic bag, one week old

10th April 2018


9th April 2018

Admiring the view

8th April 2018

Angel Spot making children smile

7th April 2018

Santa Maria market

6th April 2018

Mountain excursion

5th April 2018

Gin and tonic in Magaluf - Sussex friends to stay

4th April 2018

Galilea church

3rd April 2018

A lovely walk from Galilea to Son Font

2nd April 2018

Legs out for the first time this year

1st April 2018

It's no joke - there are at least 3 tortoises living in our garden!

31st March 2018

Sunny Easter Sunday BBQ

30th March 2018

Girls in the city

29th March 2018

Spot selfie

28th March 2018

She's so clever being a big girl on her hacks

27th March 2018

School choir Easter concert

26th March 2018

Bird of paradise in our garden

25th March 2018

Nice weather - for ducks

24th March 2018

The filthiest, rainiest day ever. Back to flooded pistas

23rd March 2018

Spot's flowery photo shoot

22nd March 2018

Morning contemplation

21st March 2018

They still love to swing

20th March 2018

H is growing

19th March 2018

Back to Spring

18th March 2018


17th March 2018

Stranded at Bristol Airport for 12 hours

16th March 2018

Pad thai

15th March 2018

I received pony pics when I was in the UK

14th March 2018

Spot will do anything for a dandelion

13th March 2018

Like a pig in shit

12th March 2018

Back on Mouse

11th March 2018


10th March 2018

First BBQ of the season

9th March 2018

Summer Spot is back! Hooray!

8th March 2018

Drama at sunset

7th March 2018

Lone poppy

6th March 2018

Dupey-Cat cuddles

5th March 2018

This is Magaluf

4th March 2018

Skiing hurts

3rd March 2018

The gang in Montserrat

2nd March 2018

Playing in the snow

1st March 2018

Ski lift

28th February 2018

On the slopes

27th February 2018

View from our balcony - skiing in Andorra

26th February 2018

Humph gets pampered

25th February 2018

Trying on the ski gear

24th February 2018

Happy birthday Joe

23rd February 2018

Nail party for Ava

22nd February 2018

Frosty mornings

21st February 2018


20th February 2018

Carnival - music theme

19th February 2018

Gorgeous little Harry Potter

18th February 2018

Long and boozy Sunday lunch

17th February 2018

Mini and Mama Pirate

16th February 2018

Egrets like standing on sheep

15th February 2018


14th February 2018

My love

13th February 2018

Back out on this crazy after a few days of rain

12th February 2018

Big one and her friends

11th February 2018

Little one and her friends

10th February 2018

Valentines party

9th February 2018

Orphan lamb suggles

8th February 2018

Happy 12th birthday Ava πŸ’•

7th February 2018

Snow in Son Font

6th February 2018

City girls

5th February 2018

Sweet shop in Palma

4th February 2018

Chilly nights

3rd February 2018

Blossom at home
2nd February 2018

Port Adriano and big fish

1st February 2018

Car selfie

31st January 2018

You would, though, wouldn't you?

30th January 2018

Gorgeous, sunny after-school rides

29th January 2018

Spot and the blossom

28th January 2018

In preparation for our ski trip

27th January 2018

Sleeping Medusa

26th January 2018

The girl-strays were neutered today

25th January 2018

Those donkeys

24th January 2018


23rd January 2018

Almond blossom

22nd January 2018

Winter Spot - owning it since newspaper fame

21st January 2018

Excursion in the January sun

20th January 2018

Banyalbufar and him

19th January 2018

Beautiful almond blossom

18th January 2018

Pony cuddles, the best kind

17th January 2018

What a great day!

16th January 2018

Blue January skies

15th January 2018

And Spot (and his lovely rider Carrie) made it into the morning paper 

14th January 2018

Blessings from the priest on Sant Antoni

13th January 2018

A corker of a sunset

12th January 2018

Kiss from Spot

11th January 2018

Appreciation of the new bean bag

10th January 2018


9th January 2018

Never tire of this view

8th January 2018

Morning rolls

7th January 2018

A little person arrived (3 days ago)

6th January 2018

Winter hacks on this crazy

5th January 2018

The Three Kings arrive in Calvia

4th January 2018

Just a girl and her pony

3rd January 2018

White lipstick (new bridle needed I know)

2nd January 2018

Spot and Paulo

1st January 2018

A bracing New Years Day walk

31st December 2017

A very happy new years eve

30th December 2017

Christmas Kira

29th December 2017

Trying on Aunties clothes!

28th December 2017

New sweatshirt

27th December 2017

Chocolate log at Granny and Grandpa's

26th December 2017

Boxing day ride

25th December 2017

Best Christmas ever!

24th December 2017

Carobs for the reindeers this year

23rd December 2017

Beautiful Palma by night

22nd December 2017

Sis arrives

21st December 2017

The Belen in El Corte Ingles

20th December 2017

Christmas market in Portals

19th December 2017

Ice skating in Palma

18th December 2017

School Christmas lunch

17th December 2017

Merry Christmas Mallorquin style

16th December 2017

Magical balloons

15th December 2017

Ava's handmade jewellery stall

14th December 2017

A new day

13th December 2017

Christmas carol singing in Porto Pi

12th December 2017

Fading light

11th December 2017

The strays are growing - Flash, Dash (Jasmine) and Tiger Lily

10th December 2017

Xmas jumper time

9th December 2017

Goose cuddles

8th December 2017

Gentle souls

7th December 2017

Palma at Christmas

6th December 2017

Christmas market at Pueblo EspaΓ±ol

5th December 2017

Beautiful cold winter evenings

4th December 2017

These two πŸ’ž

3rd December 2017

It's up!

2nd December 2017

Christmas carols at the Boathouse

1st December 2017

Sleepover hair styling

30th November 2017

Before the storms

29th November 2017

Ponies + rain

28th November 2017


27th November 2017

My other daughter, a sunset and a truly amazing pony

26th November 2017

My dear daughter
25th November 2017

Palmanova in winter

24th November 2017

Oh jeez. The best cheese on toast ever!

23rd November 2017

Sunset from home

22nd November 2017

Brackets at last

21st November 2017

Pan dulce with friends

20th November 2017

Santa Maria market

19th November 2017

Lunch on the balcony

18th November 2017

Perfectly formed

17th November 2017

Pillow cats

16th November 2017

Palma cathedral basking in the last of the evening sun

15th November 2017

Filthy, itchy, scratchy Mouse

14th November 2017

Homework with Lupin

13th November 2017

A goat on the beach!

12th November 2017

Excursion to Cala Boquer

11th November 2017

Back to sun - coming home from shopping

10th November 2017

Robin Hood and his rainbow

9th November 2017

Winter is here

8th November 2017

Midweek marshmallows

7th November 2017

Winter Spot

6th November 2017

Sleepover with pandas and screens

5th November 2017


4th November 2017

End of season BBQ

3rd November 2017

Oreo ice cream in Port Adriano

2nd November 2017

Spot and Carrie flying the steps πŸ’

1st November 2017

New haircut

31st October 2017

Happy Halloween

30th October 2017

Paseo Maritimo Palma

29th October 2017


28th October 2017

An adult night away in Port de Soller

27th October 2017

Halloween dress up in school

26th October 2017

Day of the Dead- Halloween disco dress up

25th October 2017

Portals Vells

24th October 2017

Flip Flops

23rd October 2017

Friend from Sussex meets Spot

22nd October 2017

Sleepovers and pumpkins

21st October 2017

Autumnal sunset from The Tower

20th October 2017

BBQ days still

19th October 2017

Serving herself ice cream in Palma

18th October 2017

Seed head and the bluest of skies - love Autumn in Mallorca

17th October 2017

Big girls ride all by herself

16th October 2017

So fluffy

15th October 2017

Jungle park fun for P

14th October 2017

A trip to visit Fletchy πŸ’“

13th October 2017

A looks after the ponios while I am away 

12th October 2017

Spanish Bank holiday = beach

11th October 2017

Granny selfie

10th October 2017

Taming the kitten

9th October 2017


8th October 2017

The incredible Deia

7th October 2017


6th October 2017

So proud of this little horse

5th October 2017

Drinks in Palma with this beauty

4th October 2017

Praying mantis

3rd October 2017

Matching knees

2nd October 2017

Dressage test Intro A

1st October 2017

Love 'em both so much

30th September 2017

Ice creams with friends

29th September 2017

She finally tamed the kitten

28th September 2017


27th September 2017

There's two bottles of milk in that tummy!

26th September 2017

Our almond harvest

25th September 2017

A new mountain path with Mouse

24th September 2017

Anniversary lunch

23rd September 2017

Cap Falco

22nd September 2017

Learning to knit

21st September 2017

Evening hacks with P on board

20th September 2017

The new uniform

19th September 2017

Morning light

18th September 2017

Morning Humph

17th September 2017

Back to sun - Camp de Mar

16th September 2017

When it rains in Mallorca - everything floods!

15th September 2017

Here comes the rain

14th September 2017

Tiger Lily

13th September 2017

My girl

12th September 2017

Balcony view

11th September 2017

9 going on 19

10th September 2017

Tile research

9th September 2017

Pensive in La Granja

8th September 2017

Los suegros

7th September 2017

Granny Cat

6th September 2017

Full of milk

5th September 2017

An abandoned lamb, a kind horse and a beautiful girl

4th September 2017

They grew over the summer

3rd September 2017

Last day of the best holidays ever

2nd September 2017

Street art - Santa Catalina

1st September 2017

Bumped into a tortoise this morning

31st August 2017

Morning stroll, the temperature is dropping

30th August 2017

Lunch in Magaluf

29th August 2017

Good morning Spot

28th August 2017

Rocky beach days

27th August 2017

Sweet and garlicky clams

26th August 2017

Giggly P

25th August 2017

Cala Deia, The Night Manager location

24th August 2017

Yellow food in Magaluf

23rd August 2017

Lunch with a serious view

22nd August 2017

Poppy rides again

21st August 2017

So grown

20th August 2017

Oh god we love you, Spot

19th August 2017

Mouse and Poppy

18th August 2017


17th August 2017

Tostadas at dawn

16th August 2017

Spot teaches again

15th August 2017

August beach days

14th August 2017

Beach paella and cava sangria

13th August 2017

Scent of Mallorca

12th August 2017

My birthday in Puerto Andratx

11th August 2017

New gizmos

10th August 2017

Propping up the beach bar with attitude

9th August 2017

Evening tractor rides from Antonio

8th August 2017

Standing in the rain, one day reprieve

7th August 2017

NCT meet up 12 years later 
6th August 2017

Cheers Kira

5th August 2017


4th August 2017

Treetop house and garden

3rd August 2017

A swim before breakie

2nd August 2017

Feeding the waifs and strays

1st August 2017

Spanish telly at Spanish breakfast in a very Spanish bar

31st July 2017

Lovely A

30th July 2017

Spot and the donks

29th July 2017

A perfect evening at a friends ruin/house

28th July 2017

Delights from Antonio's garden

27th July 2017

Lemon biscuits

26th July 2017

Bowling champion

25th July 2017

City evening

24th July 2017

It's a pineapple plant!

23rd July 2017

Dimonis in Calvia

22nd July 2017

Paulo - the largest donkey in Mallorca

21st July 2017


20th July 2017

Princess and the peas

19th July 2017

Spot and Kira go pony trekking

18th July 2017

Portals Vells

17th July 2017

Es Respos

16th July 2017

Spot gives pony-rides 

15th July 2017

Poppy's 9th Birthday

14th July 2017

Jennie comes to stay

13th July 2017

Girlie morning selfie

12th July 2017

Windowsill with a view

11th July 2017

Humphrey's hair-do

10th July 2017

Full moon from the terrace

9th July 2017

Gorgeous BBQ days

8th July 2017

Feeding the strays

7th July 2017

The ever-patient Spot

6th July 2017

Roxy beach bar

5th July 2017

My beautiful wonky, upside-down pony

4th July 2017

Finding cool places in her new Mediterranean garden 

3rd July 2017

Oh he loves a good laugh, does Spot

2nd July 2017

Lunch for 11

1st July 2017

Happy, contented ponios

30th June 2017


29th June 2017

Same sofa, different house

28th June 2017

Katy came to see us

27th June 2017


26th June 2017

Unpacked 100 boxes and rewarded myself with a beer

25th June 2017

Lily and Poppy - midnight on Sunday

24th June 2017

Paella with friends from Sussex

23rd June 2017

San Juan at the Chicken Shack

22nd June 2017

The new house with a new resident

21st June 2017

20th June 2017

The last 'supper'

19th June 2017

Last days of the traffic jams

18th June 2017

Midnight swim

17th June 2017


16th June 2017

New house flower

15th June 2017

Street art in Inca

14th June 2017

Bumper harvest

13th June 2017

Atascos siempre

12th June 2017

Last week of 'the drive'

11th June 2017

Santa Ponsa

10th June 2017

My heaven

9th June 2017

Finally she trusts me to be with her as she lies down

8th June 2017

Full moon, filthy pony

7th June 2017

Wandering the mountains like a goat

6th June 2017

Mallorcan mansions

5th June 2017

Good morning Mouse

4th June 2017

Selfie time

3rd June 2017

Hope we never tire of the view

2nd June 2017

We got the keys to our casa

1st June 2017

Plaza Mayor

31st May 2017

Sports day

30th May 2017

School playing field

29th May 2017

Palma buddies

28th May 2017

Spot is spotty

27th May 2017

Pissed by the pool - still excited by that blue body of water

26th May 2017

Lunchtime sunbathing - it's 30C + out there

25th May 2017

Spot stands in the sprayers and rolls

24th May 2017

Summer in the city
23rd May 2017

Mouse after a hard night out

22nd May 2017

It's a sociable place, Mallorca

21st May 2017


20th May 2017

Los chicos at the birthday BBQ

19th May 2017

Pre-birthday lunch

18th May 2017

Chicas in the city

17th May 2017


16th May 2017

Night night Spot

15th May 2017

Peepo finds a new home

14th May 2017

Evening swims

13th May 2017


12th May 2017

Last of the green

11th May 2017

The cactus flowered

10th May 2017

A crusty in the water bucket

9th May 2017


8th May 2017

Los guapos

7th May 2017

Beach days

6th May 2017


5th May 2017

Beautiful evenings at last

4th May 2017

Palma Thursdays

3rd May 2017


2nd May 2017

Spot's having a laugh

1st May 2017

Nearly caught her having a snooze

30th April 2017

Pizza night

29th April 2017


28th April 2017

Los suegros

27th April 2017

Me and my girl admiring the poppies and the mountains

26th April 2017

Mouse gets massaged

25th April 2017

There must have been something nasty in the muck heap

24th April 2017

She so cool

23rd April 2017

Last day of the holibobs

22nd April 2017

Inca posse

21st April 2017

Pa amb oli tomatoes from the vecinos

20th April 2017

Me and my girl
19th April 2017

Mouse and the pigs

18th April 2017

Barbeque days - with a hairdryer of course

17th April 2017

Kids n Cooper

16th April 2017

Good times

15th April 2017

Spot, Ava and Sofia

14th April 2017

Cala de Deia (of The Night Watchman fame)

13th April 2017

Pony washing day

12th April 2017

Wild gladioli

11th April 2017

Small family big church

10th April 2017

Street art

9th April 2017

Valledemossa and wisteria

8th April 2017

Happy days

7th April 2017

Mum comes to stay πŸ’—

6th April 2017

A heavenly meet-up with a primary school friend

5th April 2017

Archery party

4th April 2017

Doesn't she look well?

3rd April 2017

Choir concert

2nd April 2017

Watching bees

1st April 2017

Mountain hikes

31st March 2017

Evening on the tiles with the chids

30th March 2017

Las chicas in Biniagual

29th March 2017

He went diving

28th March 2017

Coffee in Portals, darling

27th March 2017

Guilty pony

26th March 2017

In the trees

25th March 2017

Jungle Park in Mallorquin

24th March 2017

Chipirones and ali oli

23rd March 2017

City life

22nd March 2017

Dumped, unwanted 😧😧

21st March 2017

Late riser

20th March 2017

Spot - in all his fattypuff glory

19th March 2017

St Patrick's day festivities

18th March 2017

Ice cream season begins

17th March 2017

Beach days are coming - Cala Mesquida

16th March 2017

Aloe vera farm

15th March 2017

Gorgeous day at work

14th March 2017

Skater gurl

13th March 2017

Gappy - tooth fairies pretty generous here in Mallorca

12th March 2017

For the love of children and ponies

11th March 2017

Curry night

10th March 2017

First swim

9th March 2017

World Book Day

8th March 2017

Business lunch

7th March 2017

Snoozy ginge

6th March 2017


5th March 2017

First BBQ of the year

4th March 2017

Skating with friends

3rd March 2017

While he's away, the ponies play

2nd March 2017

Ava goes up a mountain with a Mallorquin friend and her family, cook an entire paella and come back down

1st March 2017

The sleepover descended from fruit and the outdoors, to pancakes, nutella and Mario

28th February 2017

Spot gets pampered

27th February 2017

Date palm

26th February 2017

Amazing hike above Port de Soller

25th February 2017

Gnarly olives and stone walls

24th February 2017

Beautiful blossom

23rd February 2017

Chatting to Sussex friends

22nd February 2017

New hair do 

21st February 2017

Coffee in Portals, darling

20th February 2017

Almond blossom

19th February 2017

Making way for the sheep

18th February 2017

Springy bike rides

17th February 2017

Mussels, fried baby squid, lamb chops and garlic potatoes. 

16th February 2017


15th February 2017


14th February 2017

Spot! Smile! You miserable donkey!

13th February 2017

C'mon Summer - we can't wait now!

12th February 2017

Beach Sunday

11th February 2017


10th February 2017

Growing up

9th February 2017

Snowy Tramuntana

8th February 2017

Spot cuddles

7th February 2017

Inca traffic jam

6th February 2017

Insane sunset

5th February 2017

Cat selfie

4th February 2017

Portixol #nofilter

3rd February 2017

After school

2nd February 2017

Breakfast in Calvia

1st February 2017


31st January 2017

Could we live in Galilea?

30th January 2017

Late Christmas pressies

29th January 2017


28th January 2017

Mum and me

27th January 2017

Somerset in all her glory

26th January 2017

Lunch - made by the chidlets

25th January 2017

Here comes the sun ❤

24th January 2017


23rd January 2017

A glimmer of hope

22nd January 2017

The rain continues
21st January 2017

Cleo has the right idea

20th January 2017

Mercado de Sant Juan

19th January 2017

...and then rain and flooding

18th January 2017


17th January 2017

Breakfast mucking around

16th January 2017

Spot's turn to be pampered

15th January 2017

A gets 'pampered'

14th January 2017

Family huggles (A is away on her first Mallorcan sleepover!)

13th January 2017

Birthday pintxos

12th January 2017

Why have one blanket when you can have three? 

11th January 2017

One of three new charges

10th January 2017

The sweetest lamb with a dollop of white on it's head and at the tip of it's tail

9th January 2017

Family bike rides

8th January 2017

Back to sun

7th January 2017

Cracking night out

6th January 2017

The streets of London were paved with forlorn Christmas trees

5th January 2017

New slippers at Granny's in London

4th January 2017

She's better

3rd January 2017

Plastic ice skating in Porto Adriano

2nd January 2017


1st January 2017

A New Years Day picnic (without a hangover)

31st December 2016


30th December 2016

An amazing meal of stuffed peppers completely and utterly cooked by the children

29th December 2016

Panda slippers

28th December 2016

Guacamole made from the avocados on our trees

27th December 2016

A walk in Palma

26th December 2016

Mary plays cards

25th December 2016

Christmas Day

24th December 2016

Christmas Eve in Palma

23rd December 2016

A chance reunion with a childhood friend

22nd December 2016

Merry Christmas from Lupin who is the same colour as the sofa

21st December 2016

Spot, that is not funny

20th December 2016

Hand-rearing hedgehogs

19th December 2016

The weather changes and Mallorca floods

18th December 2016

Donkey love

17th December 2016

The stunning Tramuntana

16th December 2016

Hike to Castel del Alaro

15th December 2016

Pony party

14th December 2016

From our tree no less

13th December 2016

Spot goes 'bitless' and is very happy

12th December 2016


11th December 2016


10th December 2016

Learning to trust with dogs at S'hort Vell

9th December 2016

Outside lunch in December 

8th December 2016

New wellies

7th December 2016

Wild chard for soup

6th December 2016

Nope, not talking today

5th December 2016

Merry Christmas from Spot and Ava

4th December 2016

December harvest from the garden

3rd December 2016

Good morning from Spot

2nd December 2016

Ice skating in Palma

1st December 2016

On the first day of Christmas....I found a shocked little sparrow

30th November 2016

Spot teaching - boys learning to hang on! Cold, dark nights = naughty pony!

29th November 2016

The loveliest cycle ride to Sencelles

28th November 2016

The most perfectly vibrant rainbow after school - chasing gold!

27th November 2016

Wait till those grass reins arrive Spot!

26th November 2016

School  Christmas fair and choir

25th November 2016

Dimonis in Mancor de Vell

24th November 2016

Porto Adriano

23rd November 2016

My parenting is sliding

22nd November 2016

Breakfast in the sun

21st November 2016

Floating kid

20th November 2016

Mama and baby ride together

19th November 2016

Family triv

18th November 2016

Dijous Bo

17th November 2016

Through the ears

16th November 2016

The perfect ensaimada

15th November 2016

It's a different place in the rain

14th November 2016


13th November 2016


12th November 2016

Bonfire night (yes, a week late)

11th November 2016

Sharing the same blade of grass

10th November 2016

Still the sun

9th November 2016

Weeding the garden

8th November 2016

SPOT!! You stinker

7th November 2016

Vegetarians nightmare

6th November 2016

And still the sun

5th November 2016

Feria in Inca - a medieval one at that

4th November 2016

Beautiful Palma

3rd November 2016

Late late lunch in Alcudia

2nd November 2016

Half term swimming at Ses Covetes - it's NOVEMBER!

1st November 2016

The most beautiful bike ride to Biniagual - ahem, it's November 1st!

31st October 2016

Spot is the most perfect teacher

30th October 2016

On top of the world

29th October 2016

Kids in Palma

28th October 2016

Friends from Sussex arrive

27th October 2016

Pollenca from above

26th October 2016

Sunny breakkie - she makes my heart burst first thing in the morning, love her

25th October 2016

Good morning, gorgeous!

24th October 2016

Sunny days

23rd October 2016

Heavenly hikes

22nd October 2016

I hate the new kitten

21st October 2016

Kitten, streaming cold and homework

20th October 2016


19th October 2016

A very expensive broken fence - cheers Kira

18th October 2016

New pj's

17th October 2016

Ali oli in Pollenca

16th October 2016

Sunny Sunday lunch

15th October 2016

Ponderosa Beach

14th October 2016

Moody mountains

13th October 2016


12th October 2016

A national holiday - spent with ponies

11th October 2016

Sunny school pick up

10th October 2016

Pony love

9th October 2016

Pizza at Porto Adriano

8th October 2016

Dreams have literally come true

7th October 2016

Helados siempre

6th October 2016

Playground after school

5th October 2016

Platja Coll Baix

4th October 2016

Mama, tostada and a cafe con leche

3rd October 2016

Placa Mayor, Palma

2nd October 2016

Dressage at Es Fangar

1st October 2016

One of mama's lil girls

30th September 2016

The most beautiful of stickers

29th September 2016

Cor blimey guvnor

28th September 2016

Some epic thunderstorms

27th September 2016

Chorisia - Silk Floss Tree

26th September 2016

Last swim?

25th September 2016

Sa Rapita

24th September 2016

Jumper season, sometimes

23rd September 2016

Poppy and paella

22nd September 2016

Bit freaking wet in Palma

21st September 2016

Roman ruins in Alcudia

20th September 2016

It's only flipping raining

19th September 2016

Los suegros

18th September 2016

Mejillones on the weekend

17th September 2016

Me n my gal

16th September 2016

Heavenly skies

15th September 2016

Long sleeves, darker nights, still helados

14th September 2016

Morning mountains

13th September 2016


12th September 2016

Palma by night

11th September 2016

New friends

10th September 2016


9th September 2016

Evening cuddles

8th September 2016

Enjoying a secret nibble of the green stuff

7th September 2016

Hard night out on the tiles

6th September 2016

The uniform shot (and Kira) on day 2

5th September 2016

New school

4th September 2016

Family ride

3rd September 2016

Bed time stories - still 30 degrees at 10 pm

2nd September 2016

Happy family Friday pic

1st September 2016

School shoe shopping

31st August 2016

An evening wander with a giant carrot

30th August 2016

Evening stroll

29th August 2016

Cleo cuddles

28th August 2016

Doggie visitors

27th August 2016

Homemade dressage

26th August 2016

The most beautiful and charming pizzeria

25th August 2016

Girlies are growing

24th August 2016

First ride

23rd August 2016

Spot has a new door - happy Spot!

22nd August 2016

A pony wander in the evening sun - when did my daughter get so tall and all-growed-up?

21st August 2016

Getting to know each other

20th August 2016

She is a Spain-land cat now

19th August 2016


Welcome Spot and Kira to our family

18th August 2016

OK, Im ready. Hay, straw, electric fencing, drain mended, feed and carrots waiting....bring on the ponies!

17th August 2016

A surreal morning at Botanicactus

16th August 2016

An actual cloudy day with some rain

15th August 2016

Gooooooooold - for Charlotte Dujardin

14th August 2016

Buddha and baby

13th August 2016

BBQ, then fire pit and marshmallows

12th August 2016

Forty three

11th August 2016


10th August 2016

C'mon Team GB #TwoHearts

9th August 2016

By night

8th August 2016

Preparing for ponies

7th August 2016

Late night games

6th August 2016

The gardens of Lluc monastery, Tramuntana, Mallorca

5th August 2016

Calvari, Pollenca

4th August 2016

Market day

3rd August 2016

Missed fiesta

2nd August 2016

Night swimming

1st August 2016

The best hairdressers in the world - sort of

31st July 2017


30th July 2016

Pa amb oli in Campos

29th July 2016


28th July 2016

Vecinos de perros

27th July 2016

La casa roja

26th July 2016

Playmobil in the cool

25th July 2016


24th July 2016

Cala Sant Vicenc

23rd July 2016


22nd July 2016

Still the same colour as the floor - chameleon cat 

21st July 2016


20th July 2016

Peepo's new friend

19th July 2106

Neely crocodeely

18th July 2016

Walks before dinner

17th July 2016

Lone allium

16th July 2016

Night bike riding

15th July 2016

Happy 8th birthday lil P

14th July 2016

The cats arrived

13th July 2016

Gin at (nearly) sundown

12th July 2016

Few olives to choose from then

11th July 2016

Learning to siesta

10th July 2016

Arrival in Campos, staying with friends

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