Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The rain in Spain

Oh my giddy God.

I was not ready for this. I don't think the rest of the island was either. It was biblical. First snow, then the winds and storms - and then days and days of rain. Not the pissy kind you get in the UK, the sort which dampens you constantly - no, this was like the rainy season in Asia, on a rainy day.

Spot has been highly unamused about being whizzed around on the end of a lunge for a bit of exercise. Kira, being the utter crazy kid she is, gallops around in the mud thankful for the leg stretch. I have changed clothes three times a day for a week.

It has to end soon. Google reckons Friday.

Spot practices his his 'sad donkey face' in his paddock


  1. Aww, c'mon spot. It won't last forever. And standing in the puddly bit may not be too smart, unless it is out of the wind??

    1. He is most definitely a fair weather pony!