Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Leaving - to come back

It was my first time off the island in 6 months. And it's not until you leave that you realise that you needed to leave - to appreciate and be grateful for all you have on your return.

I love England for my friends and family. For the choice in the supermarket, for the abundance of spices and wonderful diversity of people. I like England because I can understand everything being said to me and over-hear conversations on the bus with glee. I like England for its familiarity and ease, for its (mostly) acceptance and for the memories.

But I love Spain too. It's not one or the other. They are both great places for great reasons.

I love Mallorca because I can't understand everything being said to me, for its eccentricities and customs. I love the mountains which change daily and the sun which is always there. I love the hoopoes which hop about my lawn and my horses who munch their paja and garba loudly. I like the food, our neighbours and new friends, as well as the diversity of cultures in the children's school. I love the wild coastline, the bluest of seas, the olive trees and carobs. I love what we haven't yet discovered.

As common as a magpie over here

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