Saturday, 31 December 2016

Christmas round up

Well that was a weird one. It came and went as it always does, but this time the whole event was ruined by a horse. My horse to be specific, and I felt so very goddamn guilty about that.

On Christmas Eve she came in drenched with sweat, obviously having had a fright. She spent the next 3 days stressed up to her eyeballs, with a panicked look and a dangerous demeanour about her. I worried myself thin and as much as I tried not to -  I became stressed with her. My mind was not filled with festive joy but rather how to calm her down and wondering what on earth had happened in the first place. I tried to be present for the presents.

We got the vet eventually. And then Spot, the pony, got ill. He stopped eating, became depressed and came out in hives - possibly in sympathy or because of Kira.

The hedgehogs died.

He then got a sick bug.

I'm coming down with a cold.

And I'm not sure we can be bothered to stay up until midnight tonight. But I bought the grapes just in case...

Ruined by the equines

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