Tuesday, 16 August 2016


"Tienes una cubierta de drenaje?" I asked the guy in the ironmongers. I had been practising my sentence all the way into town.


Oh shit. I needed a back up plan, he had no idea what I wanted. I wasn't sure either, I have never asked for a drain cover in English, let alone Spanish.

The stables in our rented house in Mallorca, are almost perfect. OK, they are smaller than the British version and they have extremely high doors so the stallions couldn't jump out. They have been unused for 4 years so I have spent a good amount of sweaty time, cleaning, disinfecting and mending the dangerous bits.

The last thing I needed was a cover to the drainage system in one stable - and apparently it isn't known as a 'cubierta de drenaje'. Darn Google translate.

After much explanation in half-remembered Spanish helped by a photo on my phone, we got there. Except it's not the right one so I will have to go back and start all over again.

Or I could stuff it with straw as the local farmer advised. Well, I think that's what he said.

Its a sumidero, not a cubierta de drenaje. We live and learn.

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