Thursday, 11 August 2016

The menagerie expands

I didn't mean to buy one so soon, let alone two. He was a given really, with his spotty nose, fluffy mane, penchant for carrots and resigned look in his eyes to look after the kids. He is called Spot and I had mentally bought him when I met him.

I imagined myself on a Spanish horse, a pura raza espanol, with a flowing mane and a cresty neck. We would wonder the campo and stop for a drink, me in my cowboy hat and the horse dozing with its hind leg cocked as I drank my beer.

I did not imagine myself buying a cow. A skinny cow. One with a sad face and a ewe neck. A patchy black and white one who needed food, a wormer and some love.

I heard all my horsey mentors screaming at me not to do it. She has terrible confirmation! She is too young! She is malnourished! She is a SHE!

But I bought her and her name is Kira. And she is mine, all mine, and so is Spot. Happy birthday me.

I just hope the gamble pays off, and if it doesn't I will have learned - and they will live charmed lives, as every animal deserves.


Introducing Kira - who does not need a pelham - but needs some love.

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