Tuesday, 2 August 2016

A drowned mouse

He gets up earlier than me, swims, puts on the coffee and is ready at his desk for work while I just about rouse myself into another hot day. Yesterday my sleepy state was triggered into action over a drowning mouse. He fished it out of the pool and dumped it on the grass, shivering, while he had a swim. I have never seen such a pathetic creature, it could have been swimming out there for hours. 

Our animal rescue team came into action, we locked the fattie catties away, emptied a cardboard box of its contents and found some woolly baby clothes to wrap the mouse in. Oh poor drowned mouse!

We fed it a breakfast of cheese and biscuits, placed the cardboard box in a safe, dry, warm (but not too warm) place and left him to recover from his ordeal.

After the supermarket we checked on drowned mouse - he had dried out but was now over run with ants eating his breakkie. So we upgraded his home and left him near a hedge so when he felt well enough he could scamper off into the countryside.

And that is what he did. Our mouse rescue service worked. Just hoping we don't find his little body on the grass this morning as the fattie catties refused to come in last night.


  1. FCs staking out the enemy in the outhouse? At least they are outside.

    1. Oh yes, the fattie catties like to come out about 9pm and then refuse to come in! Spainland has many interesting noises and smells at night.