Thursday, 20 October 2016


The doors are left open in the evenings, it still being warm enough for air to flow around the house. At 8.32pm last night in walks a kitten, just like that, all brazen and purposeful looking for some food and comfort.

"Muuuuuuuum, there's a kitten in the house!" shouted the girls.

"I thought Lupin had shrunk!" squealed A, Lupin being one of the Fattie Catties we flew to Mallorca from the UK.

And as I took a break from the cleaning and the organising, there he was in P's arms, apparently called Timmy in the 3 minutes he had entered our house. What a beautiful, if a little smelly, kitten he was.

We fed him some of the cat food our pompous kitties turned their noses up at and he gobbled it with the speed of a cat that hasn't eaten for a long time. He was so desperate to come in for cuddles and a play but the matriarchs hissed and spat at him through the windows. I had a feeling he might still be around in the morning.

As I wandered over to the horses, whinnying me their glorious greeting at 7am, along Timmy trots - as pleased as pleased can be. His little tail was vertical in the air and he purred as he ran to say Hello, warm from a night in the straw. So we fed him again.


Looks like we have 2 horses, 2 fattie catties, 1 stray cat, 1 parrot and 1 kitten and counting...

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  1. So sad, Timmy disappeared as bizarrely as he appeared. I was immensely fond of this little kitten and miss him so much even though he was only in our lives for 3 days.