Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The never-ending birthday

I'm not sure why I felt I had to make up for P's birthday being just a few days after we landed in Mallorca. As if her own swimming pool wasn't enough.

Weeks before we left Sussex I had bought a mountain of Playmobil, and Lego, and books and a rather fetching pair of roller boots. These were all diligently wrapped and sent on the truck to Mallorca, ready and waiting as we arrived.

She had a party with her Sussex friends amongst rain and tears.

She had a party at Granny's house with cartwheels and games.

She had paella and chocolate cake on the actual day.

And she had a Mallorcan BBQ party with our 3 friends on the island, their dogs, and a delicious ensiamada.

An Aldi special choccie cake

Much longed for paella

Alcudia bowls

Magdelenas for birthday breakfast

Ensaimada con crema


Happy 8th birthday my little one

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