Sunday, 17 July 2016

The fattie catties arrived

What an ordeal for the fluffers. A drive to Gatwick at 5 am, a 3 hour wait in check-in, a 2 hour flight (I wonder if their ears popped?), a wait in Spanish cargo and then a drive to our house in Mallorca.

Cleo was meow-ing loudly as she arrived. Lupin had given up all hope I think.

We let them out of their wooden boxes and cuddled them furiously, despite them stinking of pee. Keeping them in one room, the last of the English Felix cat food was wolfed down in a nano second before they walked with purpose exploring their new surroundings.

They protested loudly at being kept in the spare bedroom wanting to be with the family. If cats could speak, Lupin would have struggled with words fighting back the tears with relief.

I have never seen happier cats.

Three days in, the Spanish cat food is delicious and the coolest places to snooze have been discovered. It will be a month before I let them outside where they will have to learn the language quickly. I'm not sure the locals are that friendly around these parts.

Milady for m'ladies
French food in Spain for my Euro-cats

Everything is the same but just a little bit different

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