Sunday, 23 April 2017

No news is good news

Crikey, a month has passed since I have written a post. That is certainly not due to the lack of stories. Or Mallorcan adventures. Just a moment to write in between the craziness that is settling into a new country, would be lovely.

We don't sit by the pool drinking Pina Coladas all day y'know.

This month has been a whirlwind of guests.
Of school tests, exams and choir concerts.
Of work, dragging litres of water to thirsty ponies in fields and riding through villages so quaint they make your heart weak.
Of red tape and admin so frustrating and confusing.
Of driving over 1000 km a week, up and down a motorway at hair-raising speeds.
Of chatting to my neighbours and bumbling through in Spanish.
Of making friendships so fun and deep.
Of swapping ideas, making connections and trading skills.
Of cleaning, cooking, washing and demanding homework gets done.
Of feeding. Everyone and everything. And clearing up the mess afterwards.
Of weeding and watering.

And lots of appreciating.
Lots of being grateful.
Huge amounts of wonder at the beauty.
Many a tear at the mountains.
A lump in the throat over the wild gladioli and alliums.
I almost burst every morning as the horses whicker hello.
The glimpse of the Mediterranean never fails to make us squeal.

Thank you Mallorca and all we have met thus far.

I promise to write of it more.


  1. Beautiful. Look at the garba (sp?) made already. Whe
    re is it?

  2. Hi Annie, yes they are cutting the garba already - this is on the way to Sencelles from Inca. The flowers are delightful and delicate, meadows full poppies, alliums and daisies while the almonds lie hidden deep in their little furry casings.