Monday, 6 March 2017

Back to school

Well that was fun, a week-and-a-bit of half term.

Of no driving.

Of ponies, play dates and parties.

Of a walk so spectacular a little leak may have sprung from my eyes.

Of tomaring-algo (to tomar algo literally means to take something, usually a beer!) in the main square as the children played around the church and in the fountains.

Of discovering tiny kids and mama goats.

Of coffee and a chocolate cake as big as our heads, in front of the sparkling blue sea. We all felt sick for the rest of the day.

Of days at work where I can take the children, and they help with the chores.

Of breathing in the Spring and taking precious time to feel grateful for all around us.

And of falling asleep in the sun after lunch.

Mud pie cafe

Paella up a mountain

Spot meets the neighbours



  1. Brilliant. I love the way you all use your down time to make life new and interesting. Love it that the girls are learning to roller skate. Love the photos too.

    1. The skating is coming on leaps and bounds!