Sunday, 27 November 2016

A date with demons

They don't appear until 10pm, so we kept the kids awake with pizza, brownies and anticipation. Dimonis (demons) in Mallorca are hugely popular characters with their festivities dating back to the twelfth century. The origin seems to be religious where the demons represent evil and mischief - always accompanied by fire.

They weren't sure about going, having been told scary stories from children who had been before. Even the adults seemed a little reticent.

Where are the demons?

With just the right amount of red wine inside me and excitement building in the streets, drums started banging and kids swung fire about their heads. Not sparklers, great big balls of fire.

And then the demons, who shout in your face menacingly - accompanied by dancing and drums. The noise was insane and even the kids seemed to be thrilled to be so close to this incredible spectacle.

There was fire, and roaring, fireworks, whizzing, screaming, and shouting, banging and wildness.

We all loved it, there was no fear at all - we screamed back in the face of the demons and were just a little tempted to dance with evil for the night.

**Turn up the video loud**

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